Travel to Africa

Combatant Commander's theater entry training & requirements

U.S. Africa Command Theater entry requirements pertain to all DoD military, civilian, and contractor personnel traveling in any capacity into and within the US Africa Command Area of Responsibility and are listed in the DoD Foreign Clearance Guide. Please note this is a .mil domain access only site unless you have setup a password for use at other than .mil domains.

Travelers must submit a request via the Aircraft and Personnel Automated Clearance System (APACS) to gain Theater Clearance. APACS allows simultaneous processing of Country, Theater, and Special Area clearances. NIPR APACS is the default submission mode unless travel is classified or involves VIPs.

General Health Counseling for U.S. Africa Command travelers.

Training and medical requirements:

Links to training, medical assessment travel health form, and contact information can be found in the Foreign Clearance Guide, Section III.C or Section IV.C

Force protection requirements:

  • All travelers for leave must submit Individual Anti-Terrorism Plan, found in Section III.C of the Foreign Clearance Guide
  • Personnel Recovery Plans (also found in Section III.C) will be sent to Component's Personnel Recovery Control Centers

Theater required information (mandatory statements):

See the Foreign Clearance Guide, Section III.E or IV.E, for appropriate approval by the sending organization.

NOTE: Travelers must prepare for serious criminal and health risks before travel, which are not reflected by the Force Protection Condition level.

Emergency leave requests:

Contact the traveler's service component theater clearance approver immediately.



DSN: 314.421.4120
Commercial: 011.49.711.729.4240


For non-duty hours, weekend, holidays, or emergency requests (not for routine inquiries), contact the Joint Operations Center:

DSN: 314.432.3909
Commercial: +49 (0) 711.680.3909